Patrick McAllister: Guitar, Volcals, Songwriter

Born in 1959, started playing Guitar on his 5th Birthday ( Guitar Teacher was Jimmy James, from Bartlett, Illinois).  I saw B.B. King at Ravinia Park when I was 5 years old, from then on I was hooked on the Blues.

First Band was at 7 years old, songs played were "Wendy" and "Louie Louie" ! !

At 13 I started to listen to The Siegel Schwall Blues Band ( and knew right then and there this style of music was what Chicago Blues was all about!

Patrick left Illinois when he was 15; moved to Massachusetts and formed The Blues Band. The Blues Band was a 3 piece band that played in Pembroke MA, and Elgin, IL.

At 17 Patrick moved to Colorado and worked for Cinderwood Music, and Colfax Music selling Guitars, Amps, P.A. and teaching guitar. Living in the Country was written about this time.

At 23 Patrick played with Renegade - Renegade won the KPKE "Colorado Rocks" contest in 1982 (dedicated to Tommy Bolin). Renegade's song " Dark Tower" was 15 minutes long!
(click to listen to Dark Tower ).

At 27 Patrick played with Exodus, a Prophetic Rock Band - and opened a Concert Hall called Simon The Lepers.  (Click to Listen to Exodus).

At 35 Patrick stopped performing to be a Dad :-)

Now at 46 Patrick is the Guitarist with the Once Removed Blues Band.
UPDATE: 57 Now, and has been with The Once Removed Blues Band for 13 years :-)


Ruth Israel: Lead and Backup Vocals

Ruth Israel has been making music since childhood. She aims to express life’s everyday beauty, joy, and sometimes sorrow through melody, lyrics, and sound. Appreciation of all-things-jazz and practiced vocal skill conceive and execute the tracks you hear today.


Her inspiration is drawn from artists such as Ray Charles, Eva Cassidy, Sam Cooke, Aretha Franklin, Sublime, and of course The Once Removed Blues Band. She was  vocally trained by Laurie O’Neil at the Center for Performing Arts Studies in Evergreen; her spirit is all her own.


Ruth has performed at numerous venues in the U.S. and in Europe. She finds great joy in personalizing cover songs and occasionally writes her own music. Ruth graduated from Conifer High School in 2008, appreciative of the encouragement and instruction she obtained, particularly from Nelson Conway.


She now majors in Illustration at the Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design.  

She got soul!.

Amanda Mattleman: Drums

From Kansas City, MO Amanda has been playing and performing for over 10 years, and has performed with numerous ensembles and bands opening for artists such as The Tower of Power and the Boulevard Big Band.


Her influences range from Buddy Rich to Clyde Stubblefield to Tony Royster Jr. believing that feel and groove permeate all genres.


Most recently she moved from Lincoln, NE where she spent the last 2 years as a private lesson instructor and participating in the Railmen Drum and Bugle Corps, competing in DCI and WGI.



She now resides in the mountains with her husband and two Siberian huskies.


Jack Herndon: Harmonica 

  • Jack was born and raised in the small town of Sedalia, Missouri, nestled in the rolling hill country j ust north of the Ozark Mountains.  With a highly skilled Craftsman for a father and an award winning Musician for a mother, Jack lists his genetic makeup and the s upportive encouragement of his family as reasons for h is continuing efforts in both pursuits.  

    His High School years saw him become an award winning m odel designer and builder.  On the music side of things, Jack studied voice, “I didn’t have the “pipes” for singing, b ut it taught me breath control, a skill that serves me well w ith my harmonica playing”.  Also, he had piano training, “It didn’t take, too many moving parts, I guess” and he played Trombone in the marching band. “I’ve got to build up my lip again, I liked playing that horn.  

    In his College years, Jack earned a B.S. degree in Commercial Art and Tried like hell to make myself into a Guitar player.

    Jack and his beautiful wife Kay, moved to Colorado in their Quintessential VW bus in 1973 after Jack proudly served his country in the U.S. Army, “I got drafted.  Jack and Kay are proud parents of two lovely and successful d aughters and doting  grand parents of two amazing grand kids.   Today, Jack enjoys his “day job” as a Graphic Artist-Designer a nd glass sculptor

    After a successful eleven year run with the Rock band “Trickshot”, Jack feels l ike he has found his musical home with O.R.B. “Patrick auditioned me at the same moment that I was feeling like my Rock had gotten up and Rolled away J.   I’m tremendously excited about the future of this Amazing group of Musicians and I’m super proud to be a part of it.

Caleb McAllister: Guitar

Caleb started playing Guitar when he was 6 years old - he started Violin lessons at 7.
Throughout High School he played Violin in his High School Orchestra.
He got to play with Mark Wood

He started helping the band set up gear at festivals and performing art theaters.
At 17 Caleb was playing Guitar full time with the band.

Now, at 19, Caleb is in his Freshmen Year at University of Colorado Majoring in Biology and Playing Guitar with the University Jazz Band ( he also still plays with us!)

His gear -

Taylor Acostic 314CE

Fender Buddy Guy Strat.

Chapman Stick (Prototype)

Blackstar Series 100 1/2 Stacks.

Caleb has developed a unique technique, he's incorporated slap and hammer into modern day Rock N Blues !

Jerry Neeman: Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Trombone, Guitar, Drums, Vocals

I was born and raised on a farm in central Nebraska. At the age of 8, I began private trumpet lessons, and by age 15, I began playing “Taps” at Military Funeral Services. In Nebraska, I also led my own Blues group in which I sang and played slide guitar.

I graduated from Hastings College with a Teaching Degree in 1976. I taught grades 5-12 Instrumental Music for 21 years in Nebraska before retiring in 2009.

In addition, I played Drums and Trumpet Professionally in a Country band for 35 years, touring all over the Midwest.

I have also had the opportunity to play Trumpet in Orchestra, Big Band Jazz, and Jazz Combos in New Orleans.

In 2014, I moved to Pine Junction, Colorado with my Fiancée. I am currently teaching private music lessons in Evergreen and Littleton, CO. We LOVE COLORADO!!

I met Patrick and the Once Removed Band after I got a tip that they were looking for a Drummer. Ultimately, they decided that my Trumpet playing would be a welcome addition to the horn section (alongside the great Kirk Glienke on Sax!)

Meeting Patrick and the rest of the Band has been a true blessing!

Bogdan Migurski: Fretless Electric Bass

I was born in Wroclaw, Poland and lived there for almost 28 years. Prompted by my Mother's encouragement, I went to musical school at age of 7 years old. It was my Mom's ambition to see me develop into a violin virtuoso. My Father had different, more down to earth plans for me; he wanted to see me pursue a career that would ensure my proper economic and social status. Since I had always enjoyed reading, learning and a good argument, career in law seemed like a logical choice. Hence I enrolled in the University to study Law.

At the same time, however, I was becoming more and more active in the music scene in my city. In addition to violin I was playing guitar and beginning to learn bass. This versatility did not go unnoticed and one day someone made me an offer I couldn't refuse... - to join a successful, professional band, to work 7-10 days a month and make tons of money. Coincidentally, I was having second thoughts about rationale of a legal career in communist country.

Subsequently, I made my choice (in favor of music) and never looked back.

In almost ten years of my pro musical career in Poland I've performed at a few festivals, worked as a session musician recording for local dramatical theatres, radio and TV shows and played hundreds of shows around the country.


Frederick Woehler: Soundman / Engineer





He's a Husband, a Father, a Businessman, and my Friend and our Band's Soundman
( Ruth Israel & The Band, Once Removed





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